Have you had the first ideas about a film or a photoproject
but are not sure how to visualize them?
You would like a viral internet campaign but
don’t know how to go about creating it?
You have clear communication goals but no concrete plan?

Please, come in and feel fine!

We live ideas, we think in pictures, we love storytelling and we realize movies.

Your request and imagination is our motivation.

We astonish ourselves and concern the audience!

With our network of well-trained, productive and
creative professionals we realize communicative projects
in film, photo design and onlinemedia.

Your Imagination is our impulse, your request is our demand!

We think in conception, in stories and in moving pictures.

We´re the liquid filmproduction!

Our range of services

film and television/ art installations/ event recording
– corporate film
– music video
– commercial
– documentary
– event
– shortfilm/ stopmoption/ timelapse
– full service agency in film and television
Production units/ services
– Rental of film crew
– film shootings
– postproduction/ compositing/ CGI
– Rental service (film gear)
– Service and technical support in the postproduction sector
Basic and advance training
– Workshops and trainings in cinematography
– Workshops and trainings in postproduction
– Workshops and trainings for female filmakers, how to deal with clients and strategy in marketing
– Workshops and trainings in videomarketing with social media tools
– Workshops and trainings in economics and national economy for the creative industry
…current seminar “the media industry – a creative company?”
Photo Design
– Photo Productions (Shooting and postproduction)
– webdesign and programming
Hygiene Officer
– Hygiene officer for film-, televsion- and photoproductions